Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Systematic Application of Pigment

Taping is a process that allows for the systematic, controlled application of pigment.  Different color tape helps to identify the strip of tape that is to be removed and which strip is to stay in place for the next application of pigment.

Green and yellow taping is almost done then paper and plastic will cover the larger areas, protecting them from the pigment application. The cowling will be removed and done separate of the fuselage.

 Taped and covered for the gray pigment to be applied to the bottom and up the leading edge of the tail.
 Gray has now been covered and red has been applied evidenced by the over spray on the paper and tape.  The areas for the silver pigment are being uncovered and all other areas are checked for covering.

Then the final pigment silver is applied.

It is hard to not help with the uncover. It is like unwrapping a gift. Exciting to see how the pigment and the design comes together.


The protective clear coat that adds that wonderful shine, is the next step.

 Wait until the sunlight touches that surface-the pigment whether metallic or pearl comes alive.

Lightning Blogger out