Monday, November 7, 2016

A Tail of Any Other Color

Jack is flying off those hours and doing transitional instruction with H.L.  
We love seeing Lightnings on the runway.

 ...The guys are working on those last pieces of Tony's Lightning, that take so much time.  The painting is so dramatic and seems to move the build process along, but then a shell doesn't fly without all the time consuming "guts".

Instrument panel awaiting paint and the avionics.
A head and a hand-it is hard to get a picture without the guys working their way into it.

Where's the Boss?

Deland FL, “Sport Aviation Showcase” November 3-5

Technically he is closer to AZ by now, but if you see him let us know.


Copperstate was at Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ last month and here is an interesting modification that Gregg captured for us-Toytail?


  Lightning Blogger out