Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy 2016!

We would like to extend our congratuations to Mr. and Mrs. Al Paxnia on their recent December wedding.  

Thanks to Ernie for sending us these photographs.  Check out the bottom picture-do you see Colby's tail?  He walked them down the ailse.

Best wishes for much happiness to both of them.

Let's go check out the build center and see what is happening out there with Jack's Lightning...all is looking gray. 

...but wait the paint booth may have something is inside. What a nice surprise, the wings are painted and ready for assemble.

A little closer look at those colors... very nice.

Jack came in this morning and is assembling those painted wings with tanks, lights and push-pull tubes, etc.  He was impressed that I knew he was working on the navigation lights, then he asked if I knew which went on which side.  Well, sure the purple is on the left and the orange is on the right.  Glad I was able to help.

The ailerons are painted and ready to go too. A nice creamy white.

The elevators and the glare shield are white, so the last primer is on them.  We are going to have a painted plane soon!

Then comes all the slower stuff like, avionics and instrument panel...you remember all those wires and switches.

Oh, before I sign out a little information on other than Lightnings things, Crystal has been doing floor painting again and the Bear Den is going to be building pinewood derby cars.

Lightning Blogger out