Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Once in a Lifetime!

Just once in the lifetime of a Lightning is it ever to be in this position.  This is the time and that is the rule!

Jack has the LS leg gear and this nose position is perfect for aligning the leg gear and wheels.

Almost there, see the two red rods pointing inward, a little adjustment, then held in place.


Jack has the LS leg gear, making the alignment procedure a little different than the "other" alignment procedure.  Below is how the guys do the "other" we even need to vote for the favorite procedure.

Jack is cutting out the window openings to let in the fresh air.

Gary is putting duct tape on the fuselage to insure the stabilizer lay-ups release from the fuselage.

Dan is marking placement positions on the firewall. Below the peddle assemble is installed.

Just a quick reminder - clear skies and a chilly 64 degree here. How is your weather? 

Lightning Blogger out