Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Engine School 2015

 The Boss cleared a new parking spot for the Engine School attendees to park, just west of the runway.  Entry is from the Pump Station Road.

Then he made a road across the north end of the runway, so there is closer access to the Build Center if needed.  
Almost all attendees came by car, but then...along came Ted is that pretty Lightning of his.

With the arrival taken care of, the pilots took their seats and Engine School began...

Pete brought a Jabiru engine-rather stubby looking, a 4-cylinder, the Boss said that you could probably get a Lightning off the ground with a 4-cylinder, but a 6-cylinder Jabiru does a might fine job of getting off the ground and into the wild blue yonder. 

Pete also brought parts that soon turned the Engine School into a hands on training.

A Carbarator, I think.

While everyone was breaking...

The engine got naked!


And the task began - to put it all back together.


First, the connecting rods...


Pete shared some tips and insider information for the class. I asked a few about working on their engines, and most would probably ship it to Pete for major work, but felt really confident in being able to maintain their Jabiru engines and trouble shoot, if needed.

Here at the Build Center, we all just loved seeing our Lightning pilots again and meeting new ones.

                                                     Lightning Blogger out