Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sebring Opens

Amid stranded aircraft and cloudy skies Sebring 2015 opened on Wednesday.  Crystal said she finally took off her winter coat yesterday.

Here is part of the official report for the day from the website:

“ Day Three of the 2015 U. S. Sport Aviation Expo dawned gray … again, but by mid-morning the long-promised sun finally broke through, allowing local pilots and those stranded at faraway airports to make their way to Sebring Regional Airport.”


John and Lynn are in attendance

The build center is a little quiet this week.  I hear rumor that Bob has is paperwork all in and is ready to set up an appointment for certification…getting closer to that flight home! 
I wandered through the build center to see if anything interesting was happening.  Well, nothing caught my interest, until I saw this…and no I didn't ask.

With the cat in Florida, maybe the mice might be playing around a bit.  Speaking of cats.  I have some pictures of Majestica and Santiago:

One of the things we did while visiting our son and daughter-in-law after Christmas was to go see the feeding of the cougars. I had never watched a feeding before and I thought it would be interesting.  I guess I thought they would thrown a roast or something in for the cats, but not so…



The trainer or keeper pushes a ground mixture of several meats through the chain link.  Notice how she uses a flat hand-wise don’t you think?  The big cat licks the meat off the fence and she waits before pushing more through. She has the cat jump up and then does a visual check on the underside and paws to make sure all is well.  She also at some point pokes the cat with the end of the stick to get it use to having injections, which would be done during the feeding if needed.  I thought it was interesting how they care for these animals.  Next time I might go to the feeding of the bear…I forgot his name.  He was kind enough to walk around his enclosure a few times for us.  These animal were all injured at one time is how they came to the Orange County Zoo.

Maybe the bosses will send more pictures for us to look through, until then…

Lightning Blogger out