Friday, November 14, 2014

We Had a First at the Build Center!


Ernie flew in from Payson to have the “tires filled and the canopy cleaned”.  He actually had a bit more for the guys to do. It was nice having him at the build center.  He doesn’t mind spending time here with us” flat landers” as long as it is during the cool weather. Ernie’s lightning is in the forefront of the picture and Ernie is looking at Bob’s Lightning in the background. Ernie did the wiring on Bob’s plane, which was quite a job.

IMG_1861       IMG_2548


Then along came Lee…his Lightning is so pretty on the runway.


Lee came in for a recognition light.  Always makes me cringe when they drill holes in a finished Lightning part. He stayed the night and flew out the next morning with a recognition light installed.

 IMG_2574  IMG_2573    IMG_2576


Our first at the build center:   two first start ups on the same day! 

Al said, open the doors and out he went with his Lightning, then he turned the key and taxied his Lightning for the first time.

IMG_2549   IMG_2553  

   IMG_2554   IMG_2556  IMG_2557 


Then Ernie and Greg took Bob’s Lightning out into the sunshine and turned the keyDoctor Robert alias Bob the Builder was over in California saving lives in the ER, thanks to text message he got to share the moment with a picture sent faster than any plane could fly.


turn    IMG_2558


Dog Tag for a Plane.

I want to let you know about a term I heard at lunch today: Data Plate.  Tucked under the wing, I have seen these many times and even cleaned up a few.  It seems to me to serve the same purpose as a dog tag.  Note: a item that Ted, the inspector, needs to check off. 

IMG_2582 IMG_2583 IMG_2584 IMG_2585 IMG_2586


Next up, Ernie did a low take off just for me…


IMG_2563  IMG_2564 

a northeast turn and homeward bound…

   IMG_2565     IMG_2566

just love those take offs!  Hurry back.

Lightning Blogger out