Monday, March 24, 2014

The Build on Both Sides


This past week Bob Kollen came to the build center to work on his plane and the work moved forward on both the top and the underneath of his plane.   It was hard to keep track of which way was up.


    IMG_0518  IMG_0472 IMG_0504


How many fuselage flips occur during a build?

   Oshkosh 009           IMG_0458

Underneath body work and stabilizer lay-ups and for this build legs and wheels. Then a flip back to attach the wings and wing extensions…


  turn                    IMG_0491

Then up and over, with wings attached, to apply the fiberglass on the underneath of the wing extensions and roots.

   IMG_0479     IMG_0487   IMG_0478

Applying the fiberglass to the underneath of the wing.

  IMG_0496        IMG_0500        IMG_0497

Wings are left overnight or longer for the fiberglass lay-ups to cure and then the wings are taken off…and over she goes.  Bob says, “that is the last time I want to see the wheels up in the air like that.”

 IMG_0508        IMG_0509             IMG_0511  

Bob says, “It’s not going to fly this way.”


   IMG_0512                            IMG_0514



How many flips?  Well, is a flip a complete rollover or just from top to belly?  ….I’ll have to check with Greg.