Tuesday, March 18, 2014

First Pictures of Ron Huddleston’s Plane

The first pictures of Ron’s plane, as it is being unloaded from Greg’s trip to Wisconsin where he picked up the kit from Custom Fiberglass Molding factory.

IMG_0337  IMG_0339 IMG_0341

The factory is using a new white gel coat.
             IMG_0422       IMG_0423        

IMG_0344      Yes, the wings have the black gel coating, but it won’t matter once the grey primer goes on.

And here are some pictures from Greg’s Wisconsin trip. The middle picture is the Mississippi River frozen over.  They were running snowmobiles out on the frozen surface. The last one is of an ice flow.

Wisconsin 2014 007       Wisconsin 2014 014     Wisconsin 2014 011
Custom Fiberglass Molding, at least part of the large factory.
  Wisconsin 2014 018   Wisconsin 2014 036      Wisconsin 2014 024 
They have “Golden Arches” ready to go out to a new McDonalds somewhere in the world.
We usually don’t get to see these inner parts of the wings and thought you might enjoy taking a look.
      Wisconsin 2014 028      Wisconsin 2014 030      Wisconsin 2014 032