Monday, March 24, 2014

Rick’s Ups and Downs

Transitional flying is the time that a builders can look forward to during his build.  It is the time that he takes his plane into the air and does what planes do best, fly.  H L Cooper does the transitions flying with the pilots.  This is a safety step to make sure a pilot does not mistakenly think that flying one plane means that one is ready to fly all planes.  His new Lightning may be lighter in weight than what a pilot is use to and will have a different control feel.  Transition flying makes good sense for every builder.
Rick has been doing his transitional flying in the sunny 80 degree days of Arizona (He wanted those back in Omaha to know how nice it is here – some of us thought it might be a bit insensitive to mention the weather.)  here are some shots of Rick’s ups and downs.

IMG_0473                     IMG_0438

    IMG_0448                    IMG_0460