Saturday, March 15, 2014

EAA Tucson Chapter Meeting 3-15-14



It was a windy day at the Hobbs Build Center; when our neighbors, the EAA Tucson Chapter, came to the center.

                IMG_0396             IMG_0395 


It is great to be able to show off the planes.


IMG_0353          IMG_0359     IMG_0360


Rick Bernardi’s plane was getting a good look over.  Rick had just come in from Omaha to see us all, or was it to see his plane?


IMG_0400        IMG_0409         IMG_0406


Rick has made an interesting modification to his plane a radiator system as pictured below:


    IMG_0415        IMG_0416

I’ll have to refer you to Rick for the technical aspects of the modification.


The EAA got their meeting going and ask Greg to take some time.  Greg with Rick’s help show some pictures of Custom Fiberglass Molding factory in Wisconsin where he had just picked up a plane kit, and answered questions from the members.

  IMG_0365          IMG_0369   IMG_0377

Gary and Dan fired up the barbeque to prepare the fajita lunch Crystal had planned.

IMG_0357   IMG_0393    IMG_0394

Lunch was soon ready, the meeting over and we all ate.

  IMG_0383                                 IMG_0401


 After some more airplane talk…

      IMG_0355                                  IMG_0412

…they were on their way.


  IMG_0417                                             IMG_0349


Come again soon!