Monday, March 3, 2014

Saturday at Cactus Fly-In


Looked challenging Saturday morning, but we got on our way to see how Greg, the tent, and John’s plane had weathered the night. Lots of rain on the way and a oops..looked like everyone was okay.

IMG_0283     IMG_0291       IMG_0295


Well, all had weathered the storm tying the tent to the Motor home worked.  Decided to open the end of the tent instead of the side.   We are in for wet and windy day.


IMG_0297     IMG_0298      IMG_0300


Saturday in between rain we got to say hello to some we had talked with before and some new friends.   Thanks to all that dropped by both days.

Thanks to John, who returned with us on Saturday and of course we worked him hard right up to the end.     

If we can build a plane we can take a tent down in a wind storm, right?  …found that some of us work well as dead weight.

          IMG_0304          IMG_0302          IMG_0303


  We ended the Fly-In at Eva’s for dinner, a Lightning tradition.