Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Monsoons and Sunsets

This is one of our best monsoons this season - just love that rain and the washes fill fast with one like this. Drainage worked as planned and the runway stayed in good condition all summer.

After rain comes the runway maintainance. Damp earth is much better to smooth and grade than the usual dry, hard surface. It is the car path on the side that really needs the ruts smoothed over.

 I know he is driving down the middle of the runway (for those that may not know that is a punishable crime).

Here he comes again...

and again...this is called packing the runway.

See Jack's Gobbler's new feet.

Can't wait to see them installed.

Here comes the Boss again-Lucy is being a tropper.

The guys are making room for the new build-starting soon. 

Look what I found in the paint booth...Lightning part?

No...looks more like it belongs to our Jabiru guest.

 Hope you all took in an airshow or two and enjoyed your 2016 summer. Nice to be back home after the summer airshows.

Just look at this Arizona sunset.

Lightning Blogger out