Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Inside and Outside

I walked over to the build center to see what they were busy with and this is called a static run. I mentioned that Lightnings are built to fly so they better watch out.

Here she is on the runway

Meanwhile inside the build center is that "first" in progress -

The planning of the design

 The wings being prepared and finished

The main difference in working with a metal surface is no sanding.  Another difference was in the taping off of the design-rivets and metal sheet seams posed a challenge to get the tape to adhere evenly-sealing the adjacent area. There are a lot of rivets and these are well done-even spacing and straight lines.

The maroon and deep blue are really nice together.

Lately, the Boss has been getting assistance with untying his shoes. 

Love morning flights.  Some may use alarm clocks, but the sound of a take-off really works great.

Oh, Look I have a picture of an UFO in the southern sky!

Lightning Blogger out