Friday, April 29, 2016

A Different Flying thing

Into the Lightning build center, came a flying thing of a different type.  This Rans aircraft has been seven years in the making and there it is, getting ready for paint.  Does the Boss know how to paint metal, of course. Glad you asked that and not me.

 A quick look inside and around this aircraft...

I am sure the Lightnings will make it feel welcome.

 Jack was delayed returning from Fun 'n Sun, but is back and fine tuning his avionics today.  His appointment for certification should be coming up soon; then this beauty will take flight.

We are growing a garden at the build center.  The walls have kept our wild life out and the caution tape has worked better than a scarecrow.  The insects do pose a problem - the zucchini are showing signs of maybe cucumber beetle. 

Oh, I almost forgot to show you the puppies.  The arrival of these little ones surprised the Boss and Crystal, while they were at Sun 'n Fun. Yes their mom is the stray, Lucy that they adopted - what a deal!


 Lightning Blogger out