Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wires and More Wires!

Jack's build is at the wire stage...lots and lots of wires that run everwhere. There is heat wrap, wire connectors, bundling and labeling.  Consideration for friction, heat and anything that would cause the wiring to fail.  There is no pulling over to check out smoke or dark glass at 4000 feet.


And it takes wiring diagrams and double checking to make sure each is labeled correctly for connecting together the parts of an airplane so it does what the pilot wants it to do.

Greg and Steve are checking wiring diagram with panel wires and Jack is identifying the wires to what engine parts Dan and Steve say they are connected to.  Then the panel will come out of the avionics room and be installed into the plane. 

I don't think the Boss needs a sun umbrella in the build center, so I think he plans on taking it to the Cactus Flyin in Casa Grande this Friday and Saturday.  Yes siree, Lightning Aircraft West will be there and I think we might have a change or two in our usual presentation.  

Look for the group in red or black shirts under this umbrella. Check out the Fly-In on their website link below:

58th Cactus Fly-In, Casa Grande  March 4 & 5 

"Cactus Fly-In is the premier event for antique airplanes in Arizona. Come check out a host of unique aircraft, learn something new during forum presentations, and mingle with folks who enjoy history and the machines that flew us to the present!"

        See y'all there!       

Lightning Blogger out