Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CopperState Coming Next Week!

I have been trying to walk a bit in the mornings.  Most mornings I do okay and feel better for the effort, but...when one of these spectacular sunrises greet me. I feel as though I just received a bonus.

On my way back up the runway...look who dropped in-H.L. (transition pilot trainer). 

By the time I get back to the hanger, H.L. is ready to take a potential customer for a test flight...nothing like an early morning flight in a Lightning.

As some of you know I sometimes get things not quite right in the blog and the Boss enlightens me.  Well, last week I mentioned the Airmaster propellor and used the extension length and space for a Rotex instead of the Jabiru engine.  Airmaster has a lovely two blade propellor that fits the Jabiru engine and Lightning just perfectly.  Those measurements are 11 inch extension and 4 inch space...just for the record.  

Speaking of the constant speed propeller, Al has his plane in for the fitting of the wheel pants, and there it is...an Airmaster propeller installed. 

Dan and Gary are putting the Lightning on the lift to have a more comfortable working position as they fit the wheel pants

Al's plane will be one of the planes on display at CopperState, Oct. 22nd-24th, the other will be John's.  I heard that two other Lightning pilots are flying in, sounds like a Lightning reunion...are you coming?

Also, the N214DG  is for SALE and will be on display.

Below are some of the details of this beautiful plane:

            63 hrs TT                                                                     Jabiru 3300 6 cyl 120hp
            GRT 8 " Sport SX w/autopilot                                     IFly GPS
            Simulated Vision                                                         Hacman Mixture
            Electric Flaps and Trim                                               Spider Tracks
            Intercom                                                                       LSA landing gear option
            GRT EIS 6000                                               
            Garmin SL 40 comm                                                   Garmin 327 Transponder      
            Ameriking ELT                                                             Vernier Throttle
            LSA landing gear option w/wider track  
 (call Greg for more information)
 Hope to see you at CopperState!                                  Lightning blogger out