Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Catch -up Time With What is Happening at the Build Center

Another Lightning headed overseas.  The packing list is attached and ready to load.


...and up she goes.  A little snug in the container.  Greg screws the front leg gear to the container floor.


Now is there anything else we want to send away?

We were at Skyrider fish Friday and saw a flyer for the traveling Viet Nam Wall.  So, we took our veteran to see it in Three Points, AZ. 



Looking at the expanse of the names on that wall and realizing the sacrifice that it represented was very hard especially surrounded by those that knew of the sacrifice through personal loss. The thought that came to me was that our veteran returned to us. 

May God bless Americans to stand for Freedom 

See my new kitchen!

...we moved into the halfway house (that's halfway done house) just before Father's day.  Short of a year from the time we started building it.  Here are some pictures of the beginning:


Everyone put in a lot of sweat last July getting it halfway done,

but Gary was the only one that put his blood into the project. 

Father's Day also brought grandchildren to visit and celebrate.

We started off with a sixteenth birthday party on Friday night

These four little cuties play all weekend on Crystal's new floor.


With the floor done and Father's Day too, Greg was ready for the next project:

...and there it be!  The nice new red gate is not yet installed, but that won't be long.   

Crystal and I think we should impale a figure on the appropriate end of the arrow...nice statement of greeting-don't you think.

Before I sign off I have a snake picture for you. That is a church snake and the Bishop is helping it to a safer location than along side of the podium.  

Lightning Blogger Out