Monday, March 9, 2015

2015 Cactus Flyin had a Windy Start

Cactus Flyin 2015 had a windy start on Friday, but we were not deterred.  Just hunkered down and made in through to the lovely Saturday weather.

Saturday arrived and we enjoyed the spring weather.

Almost all of us are in the picture...John's chair was empty.  Hard to keep him off the job. 
Our friend Gregg took this picture and sent it to us.  

We all walked over to take a look at this model of the U.S.S. Arizona.

Often I have snapped shots of the planes, but this year the tails caught my eye, so I decided to do a photo shoot of tails. I have arranged them into categories.










Checkered Pants...


 Checkered eyes! 

Guess I got off from the original subject matter on these last two shots.

Our Lightning team likes to have alternative suggestions for the many pilots that we talk to.  One such alternative for pilots that are in excess of 300 lbs. of personal weight may consider the Cessna Caravan for their aircraft. Nice plane!

I flew back to the build center with my private pilot.  Gary replaced my fine fireman hat with his Lightning hat; then I looked the part of a Lightning co-pilot. Some of the team didn't want to fly in possible bumpy weather...wusses!  Had a good flight - hardly a bump.  Looking out over the desert from a bird's view; there was a slight greenish hue over the landscape, a reminder of our winter rains. 

I want to acknowledging that John's plane was the aircraft of the weekend and the quick flight home-thanks, John. He will be down to pick it up this week.

Back at the build center...

Ted's new stabilizers have been fitted and Ted was at the build center to check out the progress on his newly purchased Lightning earlier last week.

Getting the red on this plane was interesting to me.  First a metalic silver was applied then a red tint was mixed into the clearcoat and sprayed over the silver to get this great deep metalic red...nice match.

Lightning Blogger out