Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Canopy


tree canopy

  I thought that maybe we could explore the creation of a canopy. In biology, a canopy is the top green layer of tree tops that protect the world below from too much sun. This layer also forms a habitat all its own.  One of my favorite creatures live in the trees – a red- eyed tree frog.



Just as this canopy shelters the world below, so does a Lightning canopy shade from the sun and provides a habitat for those who strive to be creatures of the air.  Also, it protects these creatures from getting bug splats on their teeth.  A red-eyed tree frog might quite enjoy bug splats.  

The Creation:

The frame of the canopy is prepared and then placed on the form, blocks are used to hold the frame in place.  There are markings on the form for placement of hinges, bolt holes and guides.

IMG_1990 IMG_1992 IMG_1993IMG_1994 IMG_1995  IMG_1999 IMG_2002 IMG_2004IMG_2003 

Greg is spreading gook’n pucky on the frame, below, for the dome to be stuck in place.  As they move the dome into place, they are careful not to get the gook’n pucky on the dome.  The white cover is protection for the dome and will be removed later. Notice the matching of the center front and side marks.

IMG_2026  IMG_2027  IMG_2030IMG_2033          IMG_2035

Blocks are taped on the side and top edges of the dome to keep contact with the frame.

IMG_2038 IMG_2039 IMG_2040IMG_2042  IMG_2044 IMG_2046

It cures overnight.  Then Gary starts the body work. He fits it on the actual fuselage, applies green tape to protect the dome and form an edge guide.  Then he fills the edge of the frame with gook’n pucky and makes the edge seen in the end picture, which is covered with a light blue body putty that is being sanded smooth.

IMG_2074     IMG_2075     IMG_2076     

Sanding is something that most builders are happy to have us do.  The gel coat is sanded, filled, sanded; then the gray primer is sanded, filled and sanded satin smooth. The application of the epoxy primer ends the sanding. 

I’ll show you a couple of sanding pictures.  

Okay enough before I bore everyone.


IMG_2069        IMG_2080

I hear that Ron’s grandson took precedence over his plane, so his inspection was delayed.  Good choice! 



I haven’t done a snake picture lately….


This one was especially feisty, rattling and all posed to do damage.  Just don’t have time for all that.  This was the second in less than a week…it has been suggested that we mark them to see if they return or just pass through.  Red spray paint should work, don’t you think? It would match this ones mood.


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