Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Busy March

We have enjoyed a busy March and April is moving quickly. Lets take a quick look backwards at March.

First, Danielle Hobbs became Mrs. Phillip Scott

Parents of the bride and cousins.

Aunt Crystal has a fun thing for to do in the build center for our younger members.  It is painting with water on those large expanses of concrete floors.  However, these three cuties kicked it up a level when they added silver glitter to the water and painted the playhouse.

Audrey is showing off the container that holds rattles from a snake that was ran over last makes a great show and tell at school. 

Below is the newest dog member of the family:

Speaking of pets, the Boss has some new pets...

They did not like the rocks in one of their holes. Yes, there are three holes. That darkened soil is not from water.  Don't tell the animal activist, but the Boss does not tolerate holes in the runway.

Moving to  the end of March, the older members-plus a grandson, gathered for a birthday lunch for the boss.  He was so excited and pleased.  Can you tell?

Enough with all that family stuff.  The Boss held a seminar on wings and air flow and here is his visual for the event.

You didn't get a invite?  Well, you have to be eight years old to get in on these seminars.  The question for the event:  How many wings does a Lightning have?  One eight year old got it right. Go ahead and email the boss with your answers.  Next time you're at the build center, why not try flying one of the kites.

The guys are working on a  plane that will be shipped off to Indonesia soon.  

 April 21st - 26th   Sun 'n Fun Inter'l Fly-In & Expo @ Lakeland, FL

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The Bosses are leaving in about a week for Sun'n Fun.  Have you made your plans to be there?  

Crystal and I were wondering why the majority of flowers, in our dessert, blooming first in the spring are yellow.  Maybe bees like yellow.

Well, the information is not in agreement.  Some say that insects don't see color others say that yellow attract insects.  There was some information about color in regards to reflection and obsorption of light, but not sure about this application in the Sonora dessert. I think that my search was inconclusive.  I can find better information on airplanes. 

Lightning Blogger out