Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Week at The Build Center


Greg is on the long way back home from Sun ’n Fun, by way of Wisconsin, where he will pick up another kit.  I hope those piles of snow and cold weather are letting way to spring for those folks in Wisconsin. Greg promised to take pictures, so we will have to wait and see what he catches on his camera. 

Well, back to the Build Center.

Dan is working on the console transition to the instrument panel piece. 

(Not sure why “View Slide Show” and “Download All “ are there and don’t do anything, but the picture format is nice)


Remember the landing light brackets shown on the last blog, Gary has them installed into the wings and ready for some body work.IMG_0598


Speaking of landings…some are bumpier than others…here’s to good landings and safe skies.

      Eddie landing      IMG_0180   IMG_0462


Update on Greg’s grapefruit trees: 



Still green :-)   Crystal said she watered them. Dan said they looked dry so he watered them.  I can’t remember how many days Greg said to water everyday…they don’t look dry. Some leaves are looking yellow.  Is that from too much water or not enough?  maybe too much sun. The wind has been blowing and the air is dry - I just told those trees to suck it up and make due, if they are going to make it in this desert and with this family they had better get tough and let that shovel be a reminder of what will happen to wimpy trees.