Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Busy as Bees: Ron Huddleston’s Build


The desert has been in bloom for a few weeks now - it is a beautiful time as the cool days of spring slip by.



The large saguaro has the buds on the tip and in the small saguaro picture the larger bumps are new arms coming. The bees are happy too, below is a picture of one of the bees.  Notice the smile; just a happy busy fellow.




On to the build, Ron is in his second week of build here at the build center and his plane is well on its way.  They have sorted, drilled, cut and pounded.


Below is a procedure that required Greg’s expertise. Greg positions himself on the opposite side of the plane from Dan and he said that the angle of the foot was key to the procedure.


IMG_0644      IMG_0645


Here is a part that I haven’t taken a picture of before. Not sure what to call it.




I told Dan that this part didn’t go on the carpet side of the firewall and he adjusted the placement…I try to be a helpful as possible in the build center.


IMG_0662                          IMG_0663


And  here is Ron’s plane upside down.  No, Ron said that they are testing it for low inverted flight. 

Then right side up on its wheels and the wings are at the dry cleaners.


IMG_0659        IMG_0674


Disclaimer:  Greg does not recommend low inverted flight.