Friday, January 31, 2014

The Two New XS 160 HP Aircraft


XS with Superior  EXP 0-320 160 HP Engine


Jan. 2014 006 (1024x768)                   Jan. 2014 005 (1024x768)

The XS Engine installation is complete. In the picture on the left the top engine baffling and extended gear leg are shown.

The picture on the left shows a closer look at the bottom air intake.

The gear leg has been extended to accommodate the longer length of the prop.

The height difference between the new XS and the current Lightning can be seen in the picture below by comparing the difference in wing height.

                                                       Jan. 2014 003 (1024x768)

The XS is an experimental aircraft that definitely not light sport and neither is the XS with the UL 160 HP Engine shown below.


XS with UL 160 HP Engine


Jan. 2014 008 (1024x768)                 Jan. 2014 009 (1024x768)

The UL engine installation almost complete.  The Lightning cowling can be seen in the left picture standing on end behind the red service cart.  Notice the beige modification in the current Jabiru powered cowling to accommodate the UL engine. The XS Superior EXP has a new designed cowling.

The new XS experimental models are awaiting inspection.

Current Arion Aircraft are:

  • Experimental Lightning EAB Light Sport Aircraft
  • SLSA or LS1 Factory built Light Sport Aircraft
  • XS Experimental 160 HP Aircraft